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with very extensive joint lesions. The history was, that he had bad

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destroyed over the posterior two-thirds. The fundus of the

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published a letter (American Journal of Obstetrics), in

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geon, Pirogoff, was first introduced, on a large and magnificent scale, by "Wil-

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of meats on our ordinary bills of fare and the quantity

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has been written on this subject and quite a number of

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Tetanus from hypodermic injection of <iuinine. 480 ;

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occurrence of a dropsical accumulation. An increased transudation, with

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of tissues which predisposes this condition ; in the

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cards from the special agent in their states. If they

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all in the way of the operator or his assistances."

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unless the face or head were touched, but the fit would

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It will be to Dr. Louis a high gratification that a copy of this work is

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(1) That general an;esthesia is not necessary in all

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steps I have the honor to follow today? The attempt to give

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At the last meeting of the Society of Medical Jurispru-

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seem strange that Medical clinical work should not be

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f-omc peculiarities of constitution. He had a chronic cough,

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part," said Dr. Koch, " the matter is proved that the

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yet, even in such persons, it is often possible to be pretty

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cost to use is determined by whether the motorcyclist was

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of milk and four of water) boiled in a covered double boiler for an

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went over the city when I stopped vaccination. The people began

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December to the petition of the British Medical As-

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The third child, aged two years, was exposed to the disease by the

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pleted at the Swedish Hospital in Minneapolis last No-

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Very good puddings may be made without eggs ; but they