1304 - is federal legislation that will authorize this
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tion. Since changed conceptions have been introduced, and the prob-
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of the day. Marches and parades are dispensed with, and
the central office was 77,306. The number of patients treated
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suffer from any constitutional disturbance, and complained only of pain
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are in a large proportion of the cases malignant and without hope.
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and according to wliich the brain was removed by an
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free passage of air (Davies). Bronchiectasis is, therefore, a late
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Reprint requests to Flor Geola. MD, 1 1600 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 210. Los An-
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clamp. The trocar inserted in left side, half-way between ribs and pelvis, regis-
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stage in eighteen eyes — in six cases in the right eye and in
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bad symptom except the continuance of the labour ; the head presented ; the
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was tied ; in fourteen the femoral (in one of these cases both
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other forms. The pain is very severe, of a boring, burning, heavy,
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ruli at all, and whose function is simply nutrition of the medullary
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in which paralysis of the ciliai-y muscle occurs as a con-
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mations, however, opiates are of the greatest service, provided the
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of the quantity of the two-hour specimens. One of these was the
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orifice, and Legueu has treated four patients by this method with very
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the scalp ; and spreading slowly, it may be for years, may ultimately
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tion has been observed in Bombay. In general, it has been
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being posterior to the bursa, prevents the swelling of the internus
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will be found for reasons already explained. Still, although a fair
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eloceles may be considerably benefited by operation.
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course be predicted. It is only when the paralysis is actually beginning
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this condition and meningitis. It is characterized by
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In persons who toast their legs before a fire, or are exposed to the glow from
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minute it may be, whose construction he is unacquainted with,
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those who had not been previously exposed to malaria;
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among whom Stahl and Hahneman hold pre-eminence. This is
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12. Personnel coming within paragraph 1, G above will be pro-
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P. P., a male, aged thirt\-one years, had a penile chancre in