medulla of the same process which takes place in the spinal cord, they
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Wochenschr.," June 13, 1889) states that he has followed ApostoU's
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of developing this reaction, and consequently a favorable outcome
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lations illustrating the wonderful powers of reproduction
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and intestinal canal are congested and swollen ; the late Prof.
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good firm hold, and not allow of any separation of the peritoneum.
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Pai-., 1800, 2. s., vii, 83-8.M. Also: Bull. Soc. med. d. hop.
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varies with the amount of moisture in the air. If one
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ences, it will be seen, are quite at variance with the old practice
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acid in double the amount of the healthy excretion. The inorganic constituents,
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creasing, face pale. yoVer* ^. Hg., Ext. from letter;
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from my own investigations I might figure a resistance
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(ii.) Secondary general exfoliative dermatitis. — In these cases the condition
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pessary ; it is oblong in shape, and has a double curve. The best are those
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were not for the fact that it might in skilful hands be
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when viewing the test object through the wedge. Before making
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made up of a large number of tissues, the most abundant of which is
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Hitter. — Compendium der geburtshiilflicben Operationen.
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the intestines by the use of laxatives or stimulating enemata, are just
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tions of the nature of tetters, to ringworm, etc ; imperfect construction
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Phosphorus is most valuable when the obscuration of vision occurs
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enabled to lie down and even to enjoy sound sleep. Eretlnsmus
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great faults is the failure to get a complete history,
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Resolved, That the several County Societies, be earnestly solicited to
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local. Hirschberg, of Berlin, out of seventy cases had five recoveries.
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voluntary power may occasionally be recovered, even though the masdee
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of a potiori Jit denominatio named the condition deciduoma
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in cases where the stomach is so weak that no other preparation of iron is tole-
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a cancer of the neck which had been removed by opera-
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the quantity of serum is large, the bleeding should not be
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When he fell down the elevator shaft, a distance of sixty